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How do I search for classes in the Roster?
For a complete listing of all classes being offered in a subject area, click on the subject area link. For a specific course, type in the subject abbreviation and 4-digit catalog number or the course title in the search box. Typing in keywords will return all classes with that word in the title, but it will most likely not be a complete listing. For example, if you type in Anthropology, it will return all classes with Anthroplogy in the title, but not the complete listing of all classes in the subject of Anthropology.

What do I need from the Roster to enroll in a class in the Student Center?
You need the 4 or 5-digit Class Number which replaced the old 6-digit Course ID (CID) for all the classes (lectures, discussion sections, labs, etc.) you want to take, this is the fastest way to enter classes once you start enrolling. You can find this number right before the specific lecture, lab or discussion for the course.

How current is the information in the roster?
The roster is updated daily – this includes additions, subtractions and modifications to classes. The most up-to-date source of information on classes is found in the Student Center or Faculty Center.

Is there a roster data file available?
Yes. XML files are available for the subject listing and each subject, e.g. ENGL.

Course Key

Subject Catalog Nbr - Course Title
[Class topic if any]
[Crosslist as:
[Comeet with:
Grading Basis
[Alternate session start - end date]
[Department Consent Required]
Class Nbr
Section Type
Sec Num
Building Code+Room
Instructor (NetID)
[Class notes if any]
  • Credits: Number of units/credit hours.
  • Grading Basis: Graded, S/U, Stdnt Opt (Student Option - student chooses Graded or S/U)
  • Alternate Session: Class meeting dates if different than 08/28/2013 - 12/06/2013.
  • Consent Required: Class requires departmental consent before enrolling.
  • Class Nbr: The Class Number is the unique identifier for each class; this is the fastest way to enter classes in the Student Center once you start enrolling.
  • Section Type: LEC = Lecture, SEM = Seminar, DIS = Discussion Section, LAB = Laboratory, CLN = Clinical, FLD = Field Studies, IND = Independent Studies, RSC = Research, STU = Studio, TA = TA/Tutor Group.
  • Sec Number: Section Number. Lecture 1 as opposed to Lecture 2
  • Meets: M = Monday, T = Tuesday, W = Wednesday, R = Thursday, F = Friday, S = Saturday, U = Sunday. TR would meet Tuesday and Thursday
  • Building Code: 3 letter code representing a building on campus. See Building Codes
  • Instructor: Name of Instructor and NetID if available. If multiple instructors, will be listed.